Current Board Members / Membres actuels du conseil d’administration

Name Present Position in the Organization
Tim Wall Executive Director
Renée Ouimet President
Mike Price Vice President
Ian Ross Treasurer
Yvonne Bergmans Secretary
Jenn Ward Survivor Chair
Dammy Damstrom-Albach Past President
Charlotte Borg Director
Ed Connors Director
Murielle Doucet Director
Alex Drossos Director
Jérôme Gaudreault Director
Jack Hicks Director
Nancy Parker Director
Johanne Renaud Director
Carole Thannhauser Director
Jenny Teirney Director
Mary-Jo Bolton Ass’t Director
Brenda Kuluk Administrator
Donna Reid Co-ordinator


There are currently no board vacancies. We will announce new board vacancies and calls for nominations during our AGM at the Virtual Conference.