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Art-Based Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

Co-hosted by the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) and the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Chair in Suicide and Depression Studies, this one-day conference will take place as part of our outreach in recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day.  It is intended to engage experts and stakeholders in a unique conversation about suicide.  The two evening events will continue to promote the interactions of artists with participants while generating much-needed financial support for ongoing activities.

This conference will replace the annual CASP Conference in 2017.  CASP is currently engaged in a full review of its national strategic plan as part of its transition and relocation to our national capital in Ottawa.  Following the success of last year’s conference in Nunavut and, in response to requests for alternative themes and formats, the organizing committee is pleased to offer this year’s event.  We look forward to co-hosting, once again, a full, larger-scale convention in 2018.

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Yvonne Bergmans,

Julie Kathleen Campbell,

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