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Zero Suicide Launched in Canada

Zero Suicide asks the health care system to think differently about suicide care.  As one of the leading causes of death in Canada the time is now.  It is time to make a bold […]

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Indian, Native, Aboriginal, Indigenous, First Nations, First Peoples – Which Is Correct?

By Dr. Ed Connors
I offer the following blog in response to a request to help people to determine the terms that respectfully identify Indigenous people when referring to our people. I share these thoughts in a form that is common among traditional indigenous people. For example, I do not attempt to tell you what to do or not do but instead I offer teachings in a story telling form that hopefully enables you to extract the information that will enable you to make the appropriate decisions. I have also used this sharing format in order to highlight that Indigenous thought continues to exist and that despite generations of effort to assimilate Indigenous people, this form of thought and being remains. In this regard distinct differences remain that distinguish First Peoples from the New Comers to Turtle Island (North America).