Envisioning a Canada without suicide

We envision a world in which people enjoy an optimal quality of life, are long living, socially responsible & optimistic about the future

How can we help?

I’m Having Thoughts of Suicide

If you are experiencing suicide-related thoughts and behaviours, you need to know that you’re not alone and there are many crisis centres available 24 hours a day to talk to you. 

How to Support a Suicide Attempt Survivor

Survivors have fought their way back through the darkness and in this moment have made the choice to live. Learn what is needed as the survivor journeys to healing and hope.

I’m Concerned About Someone

Talking about suicide can provide tremendous relief and being a listener is the best intervention anyone can give. Learn how best to support this person.

Support for People Living with Loss

It is important for relatives, friends and the larger community to support people throughout the grief process.  Learn some helpful suggestions on how to directly assist people impacted by suicide loss.

Life Promotion

Life Promotion is about "reducing suicide-related thoughts and behaviours among First Nations by ‘leading with the language of life’ offering a sense of meaning, purpose, belonging, and hope".

Resource Centre

CASP collects information for suicide prevention, resources, and life promotion information in Canada.


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