World Suicide Prevention Day / WSPD
is an opportunity for everyone in the community – the public, charitable organizations, communities, researchers, clinicians, practitioners, politicians and policy makers, advocates, volunteers, those with lived experience of suicide attempts or loss, and interested groups and citizens – to join together to promote understanding about suicide and highlight effective prevention activities.

We provide resources and materials to help spread the word about suicide prevention, life promotion, and working together to prevent suicide.

It is estimated that each day in Canada, 10 people end their life and 250 make a suicide attempt. Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social, and ethnic boundaries. The pain that leads individuals to take their lives is unimaginable, and their deaths leave countless family and friends bereaved and their communities impacted.

On September 10th, CASP invites us to reach out and connect with WSPD in at least one way. Your efforts will shine a light on this important issue, sending a message to those who are despairing, those who are grieving, and those who are supporting someone who is struggling. Working together, a Canada without suicide is possible.

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□ Light a candle near a window at 8pm on WSPD -
Through the world, candles with shine as a beacon of hope. This simple action in remembrance of those who have died from suicide, and in honour those who survive after being impacted by suicide.

□ Wear a ribbon - Join others throughout the world in wearing an orange and yellow ribbon in sign of support for suicide prevention. The colours symbolize a candle's flame – Hope and light in the darkness.

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