Ben Leikin, Vice-President

As an accomplished and well-recognized leader in Canada’s mental health community, Ben Leikin, brings a solid commitment and a firm understanding of what it takes to advance suicide prevention and life promotion in Canada.

As the Program Manager of Ottawa Public Health’s Mental Health and Substance Use Unit, the Co-Chair of Suicide Prevention Ottawa, the Co-Chair of the Mental Health in Public Health Community of Practice, and CASP’s Vice President, Ben has developed and lead major initiatives from the local to national level, such as “have THAT talk” anti-stigma and education campaign, the National Mental Health Caregiver Guide and has succeeded in making the City of Ottawa the first City in Canada and largest in the World to offer suicide prevention workshops to all City staff.

Recipient of several awards for his work and often featured in media stories as a commentator, at conferences as a speaker and in publications as a contributor, both nationally and internationally, Ben takes pride in his involvement with CASP as he believes the organization is truly committed to meaningful change by supporting communities through the important work of suicide prevention.