Elder John Rice, Director


John is currently with the Dnaagdawenmag Binnoojiiyag Child & Family Services as an Elder/Knowledge Keeper. He was previously engaged with the Early Psychosis Program at CMHA, working with many first nations in the region through the Enaahtig Mental Health Outreach Program. He has been a previous faculty member in the Aboriginal Social & Community Development Program at Georgian College.   John has helped co-develop and facilitate training in Simcoe County called Feather Carriers: Leadership for Life. The program is receiving international attention and was born out of the need for more than direct suicide intervention techniques in local reserve communities – what was needed was empowering people of the community to become life promoters by sharing the health and wellness techniques they themselves pursue.  

John is a teacher at the Annual Suicide Prevention Conference, and he has an incredible ability to weave and harmonize Traditional Knowledge and Teachings into mainstream work. Through his life’s work, John has been a leader in community wellness for over 30 years. This leadership was honoured in 2016 as the recipient of the CAMH – Chapin A’sin Elder Vern Harper Award for Excellence in the Provision of Culturally-Based Practice.