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The Governance and Nominating Committee of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention is currently seeking applications for membership on its Board of Directors. 

Interested individuals should submit their application (register online) by September 14, 2018.


The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP), envision a Canada without Suicide.  Since 1985, CASP works towards the achievement of its purpose by advocating, communicating, and educating for suicide prevention, intervention, postvention in Canada


Our Values :

Leadership : We aspire to be a leading voice for advocacy, communication and education for suicide prevention, intervention, postvention and life promotion within Canada.

Inclusivity: We ensure that our efforts are inclusive of the diverse perspectives and circumstances of those across our Country impacted by Suicide.

Fairness: We advocate for equitable access to suicide prevention, intervention, postvention and life promotion initiatives.

Excellence : We strive for the highest quality as we pursue and facilitate informed based efforts for advocacy, communication and education.



We invite individuals who have an interest in suicide prevention  and are committed to using their skills in support of a national coordinating body.

Term and Location

 Directors will serve for a term of three years with eligibility for reappointment for a second consecutive term of three years.   These positions will commence October 2018.  The Board meets via teleconference calls and schedules two in-person meeting annually (including one during the Annual Conference).

Time Commitment

 Meetings of the Board of Directors are two hours in duration.  Directors are expected to also participate on at least two board committees, should expect to participate in an average of 24  meetings (board and committees) per year; and, must make reasonable efforts to attend all scheduled meetings. Additionally, board members should plan to be accessible for personal contact in between board meetings.

Skills and Experience

 All candidates should have certain core skills, including:

  • Commitment to CASP’s mandate and strategic directions
  • Understanding of the CASP’s board’s governance role
  • Inter-personal communications
  • Creative and strategic planning / vision
  • Governance expertise
  • Financial literacy
  • Analytical, critical and strategic thinking

In addition, the nomination and selection process is designed to maintain a board composition that includes experience/competency in the following specific areas:

  • Financial Management
  • Law
  • Human Resources Management
  • Fundraising/Fund Development
  • Event organization
  • Risk Management
  • Public Relations/Public Affairs
  • Social Media Communications
  • Social Engagement
  • Business Administration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Conference Management


Board member responsibilities include:

Provide leadership to board committees. Each board director is expected to serve as an active, ongoing member of at least one committee.  This requires a number of meetings per year plus individual committee task completion time. 
  • Prepare in advance for decision-making and policy formation at board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on the major issues before the board.
  • Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations brought to the board for action.  
  • Participate in the annual board development and planning retreat.
  • In general, utilize personal and professional skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of CASP.
  • Engagement in fundraising activities
  • Ability to fund their participation in board activities is an asset.
  • Be able to work in English (Read, Write, Speak)
Application Process

Consistent with the CASP’s commitment to increased diversity in positions of influence, we encourage applications from those who reflect Canada’s English and French linguistic duality and its multi-cultural reality; provincial representation; the need for balanced gender and age diversity; persons with lived experience; as well as individuals who can represent immigrant/refugee/ethno-cultural/racialized (IRER) communities in Canada; LGBTQI2S communities; people with disabilities and other high risk populations.

Interested individuals should submit their application (register online) by September 14, 2018.

For questions: [email protected]


Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
PO Box 53082
RPO Rideau Centre
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1C5

Phone: (613) 702-4446
Fax: (613) 209-4932

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