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Your donations allow us to advocate for the cause of Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion. With donations we can employ staff to focus on our mission, advocate, bring attention to better media reporting and create community resources to make a change.

Give with confidence, knowing your gifts make a difference in the lives of people impacted by suicide. Your donations enable us to host free events, share webinars and make other resources available.

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If Suicide Prevention is a cause you are passionate about, why not host a fundraiser to support CASP?

Yoga-a-thon, hockey goal challenges, the limit is only your imagination. Create a fun event and bring awareness to suicide prevention at the same time.

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Suicide Awareness is not limited to World Suicide Prevention Day. You can spread awareness at anytime of the year when you wear one of our ribbons. It provides people with the opportunity to ask you what your ribbon represents and allows you to share why suicide prevention is important to you.


Your voice. Your experience. Your skills in reducing suicide in Canada. Walk this path with us and make a difference.