Life Promotion

Life Promotion is about “reducing suicide and suicidal behaviour among First Nations youth by ‘leading with the language of life’ rather than relying on deficit-centred language or risk factor-based approaches.” Further, Life Promotion “offers young people a strong sense of meaning, purpose, belonging, and hope based on a strong cultural foundation.” 

(source: Wise Practices)

Life Promotion is grounded in natural law and has arisen from and reflects the wisdom and circle of Indigenous traditional knowledge.  Further, it introduces us to the Mental Wellness Continuum and the centre of this model refers to the interconnection between mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional behaviour—purpose, hope, meaning, and belonging. A balance between all of these elements leads to optimal mental wellness.

Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention complement each other to provide tools to help one attain good mental health while also providing a framework to meet the needs of those who are experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

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