You Can Help With Suicide Prevention

Take Action

  • Pay more attention to your mental health & well-being, and encourage it in others, too.
  • Support a loved one/friend/colleague living with a mental health issue or illness, who is going through a difficult time, is struggling with suicide-related thoughts and behaviours, and/or has lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Do not use ‘commit suicide’ or ‘successful suicide’ but rather use ‘died by suicide’ or ‘suicided’.
  • Reassure others that it’s okay to talk about suicide.
  • Talking about suicide can help elected officials shape policy, can improve the mental health system, and ensures programs exist for all Canadians such as skills groups
    for those who have attempted suicide or need bereavement support.
  • Take a suicide alertness or intervention training (SafeTALK/ASIST/Mental Health First Aid, or another similar program). Just like we learn physical, first aid skills, we can also learn emotional, first aid skills.
  • Encourage families/friends/co-workers/faith groups/coaches to lead others to take and host training in your community.
  • Raise funds.
  • Host or attend a World Suicide Prevention Day event.