Resource Centre

CASP strives to offer an array of informational products, educational resources and communications materials, developed both in-house and by others, on the important topics of suicide prevention, suicide awareness, life promotion and mental health.  Here you will find the latest offerings we have available.

Suicide Bereavement Support Groups: Guide

Best practices for facilitating safe and effective suicide bereavement support groups.

Suicide Prevention Flyer and Tear Sheet

Printable pdf to promote suicide prevention and bereavement resources.

Suicide Prevention & Life Promotion Initiatives

CASP has put together a resource list of Suicide Prevention and Life Promotion initiatives across…

Guide for Social Media Professionals

Taking action on social media to prevent suicide

Supporting Children and Youth to Grieve After Suicide Loss

This guide is designed to help parents, guardians, and caregivers of children and youth

Suicide is Everyone’s Business

The four steps in Suicide Prevention and universal responsibilities of the community, healthcare, and government.

The Promoting Life Together Collaborative

Sharing the Story of the Promoting Life Together Collaborative

Together to Live

This is a guide to preventing suicide in your community. The guide will walk you through creating a community suicide prevention plan.

Toolkit for People Impacted by a Suicide Loss

A summary of tools and supports to help cope with suicide loss

Suicide Risk Assessment Kit

A high-level overview of what to consider when using suicide risk assessment tools

Talking to Children About A Suicide

This guide is designed to help parents, guardians, and caregivers of children under 12

Guidelines for Sharing Experiences with Suicide

These guidelines encourage public sharing of experiences that will be safe for everyone to hear