How You Can Support Those Living With Suicide Loss

It is important for relatives, friends and the larger community to support people throughout the grief process.  The following are some suggestions on how to assist survivors directly.

  • Respect the timing and pace of an individual’s grief process.  It is a difficult journey.  Encourage them to make choices that are right for them.
  • Offer compassionate listening, understanding, and patience.  Offer to do some specific tasks or chores.
  • Reassure survivors that what they are feeling is normal.
  • Find out what supports are available in the community regarding a suicide loss.
  • Contact the bereaved person on a regular basis.
  • Research the impact of suicide loss.  This will help you provide support to survivors in healthy ways.
  • Be courageous – approach those that have lost a loved one by suicide. Let them know you heard.  Ask them how they really are.  This is important even if it has been some time since the actual death.

Surviving Suicide Loss and Suicide Survivor Support Groups

For more information on suicide, surviving suicide loss and suicide survivor support groups we would encourage you to search the Support Services Directory to find groups in your area and any of the other following websites: