Glenda Ann Robertson, Event Strategist

Glenda Ann’s primary focus is to develop and execute unique food philanthropy initiative events in select cities across Canada, bringing the messages of CASP and Kitchens 4 Missions together to raise awareness and funds towards the important subjects of suicide prevention, life promotion and mental health.

Glenda Ann has 30+ plus years of experience in hospitality and event management. She co-founded Kitchens 4 Missions in 2018 in response to a need for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, particularly within the hospitality industry, following the news of Chef Anthony Bourdain’s death by suicide. She is a suicide survivor and holds a certification from the World Health Organization in “Engaging communities in suicide prevention” as well as the No Stigmas “Ally” certification and the LivingWorks “Start” certification. Glenda Ann’s event organization experience includes the NIKE World Jr. Tennis Tournament, The Caribbean World Boxing Championship and the launch of Kalik Beer on the US market.