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Envisioning a Canada without Suicide

Take Action


  • Pay more attention to mental health & well-being;
    Encourage it in others;
  • Support a loved one/friend/colleague living with a mental health issue or illness, who is going through a difficult time, is struggling with suicidal thoughts or has lost a loved one to suicide;
  • Do not use commit suicide or successful suicide;
    Use died by suicide’ or ‘suicided’;
  • Reassure others that it's ok to talk about suicide.
    Talking about suicide can help elected officials shape policy;
    can improve the mental health system;
    ensures programs exist for all Canadians, such as skills groups
    for those who have attempted suicide and bereavement support;
  • Take a suicide alertness or intervention training
    (SafeTALK/ASIST/Mental Health First Aid, others).
    Just like we learn physical first aid skills we can also learn emotional first aid skills;
    Encourage families/friends/co-workers/faith groups/coaches
    to lead others to take and host training in your community.
  • Raise funds;
  • Host or attend a World Suicide Prevention Day event.


There are different ways you can help CASP remotely improve our communications and services.

  • Website assistancelooking at ways to improve experience;
    helping to scan the website for broken links;
  • Design: Updating resource documentation, educational and promotional materials;

If you are interested in volunteering or internships,
send us your location, some general areas of interest and special skills, including languages. Email to c[email protected]
We contact volunteers periodically when new events are added
or other opportunities arise.



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