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News stories, articles, social media and dramatic presentations on the subject of suicide have come under question in the last few years. The concern has been that such presentations may have stimulated some persons to attempt suicide. There is confusion about how the subject of suicide should be treated to minimize this danger.

CASP has created a set of guidelines to help assist in responsible and safe reporting about suicide-related content.


October 21st, 2021
Fall Edition E-Zine October 2021

2022 CASP National Conference, November recognized for people impacted by suicide, fundraisers, grants, and more..

April 27th, 2021
Spring Edition E-Zine April 2021

CASP priorities for 2021-2022, awareness campaign, tale of two fundraisers, and much more...

April 13th, 2021
Announcing the Launch of our Suicide Bereavement Support Group Facilitators Network

INTRODUCTION The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) envisions a Canada without suicide. Since 1985,…

December 20th, 2020
Holiday Edition December 2020

Surviving the holidays when navigating grieving, Webinars, AGM, Share suicide experiences safely

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